Mugwort & Pineappleweed - 7.4% - 750 ml Bottle

Mugwort & Pineappleweed - 7.4% - 750 ml Bottle

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This beer was taken from a single barrel brewed in August 2021, fermented with Lachancea yeast and brettanomyces before being steeped on foraged herbs for 2 weeks before packaging.

Mugwort is a native UK herb. It has been used in traditional medicine and in brewing for hundreds of years if not more. It has a lightly bitter, herbal flavour with notes of green tea, sage and sweet fennel. Pineappleweed is a non-native species which came to the UK in the late 19th century and now finds homes in bare, disturbed ground. It is related to chamomile and has a similar floral aroma and flavour as well as a distinctive pineapple note.

Together, these herbs bring their own distinctive yet subtle character to this beer. Expressive notes of lime leaf, chamomile and grassy, sweet dill mingle with dried meadow flowers, hay and green tea. Calming floral notes linger with pleasant bitterness and a long finish.

Drink now or age to see where the funk takes it!

Bottling Date: 27/10/2022

Max. three bottles per customer.