Foraged Series - Samphire - 6.5% - 750ml Bottle

Foraged Series - Samphire - 6.5% - 750ml Bottle

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For this beer we wanted to bring an element of salinity. We wanted to get that character from something we could forage so we landed on samphire, a naturally salty sea vegetable perfect for this beer. 

The samphire that we foraged with our pal Nick was juiced before we added beer from a single barrel brewed in July 2022. The aroma is full of bright citrus and floral white wine. The saltiness builds as you drink and mingles with gooseberry, apple and soft tannins from the barrel before finishing with gentle sea herb umami.

Only 92 bottles of this beer exist. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Bottling Date: 22/8/23

Max. two bottles per customer