Lemondrop + Sloe Cider Two Pack With Glass

Lemondrop + Sloe Cider Two Pack With Glass

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A two pack containing one bottle of Lemondrop, one bottle of Sloe Cider and one of our stemmed Harmony glasses.

Lemondrop Chilli Wild Ale 6%

A wild ale made with home-grown chillis (thanks John!)

This beer is not for the faint-hearted. The lemondrop chillies have amazing aromas of yellow bell pepper, citrus and tropical fruit but oh my do they pack some heat! The funky acidity of the beer plays with the building heat to really tantalise the taste buds.

Bottling Date: 07/11/23

Sloe Cider - 7.2%

Our first foray into fruited cider in collaboration with our good pals Torn Plant. After packaging a beer aged on sloes, we immediately put barrel-fermented cider on top of the fruit to extract more of the delicious flavour.

The cider character is tart and juicy like the first bite of a crisp apple straight from the tree. The sloes have brought marzipan and subtle jammy notes which meander into calvados and nutty amantillado sherry before a delicate, floral finish.

Bottling Date: 22/08/23